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De første navnene er klare

(4 desember, 2014 - 04:00)

Radiodays Europe holdes i Milano 15-17. mars. Nå er navnene på de syv første foredragsholderne klare.

1. Pierre Bellanger

Pierre Bellanger is the founder and CEO of the Skyrock group. Skyrock is the second radio in France for the 13-49 years old demo. with more than 3.5 million daily listeners. On it's Internet and mobile network sites, services and applications, Skyrock welcomes more than one million daily visitors. Pioneer of free radio broadcasting against state monopoly in the late seventies, Pierre Bellanger has developed since several successful businesses in radio, television and online services. He is an entrepreneur and expert of the Internet.

2. Jacqueline Smit

Jacqueline Smit joined the 538Groep as CEO in September 2013. The group includes the number 1 radio station Radio 538, SLAM!FM, 538TV, SLAM!TV, 538Events productions and 15 digital stations. Jacqueline is in charge of 120 staff members.

3.Tomas Bacoccoli

As former president of Swedish RAB and also Sales Director and Vice President of MTGT Radio in Sweden and the Baltic countries Tomas Bacoccoli has collected 17 years of radio experience. Tomas has also worked with television, online media, and newspapers. Among other things he started the newspaper Metro in Rome, Milan, Montreal, Newcastle, and Boston. Now Tomas is a writer, blogger, and public speaker. His subjects are always communication and creativity, and his specialty is sound and music.

4. Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas is Editor of Morning Programmes at BBC Radio 2. In addition to this, she also oversees The Radio 2 Arts Show and sits on the BBC Arts Steering Group. Previously she worked as an Executive Producer at Radio 2 where she launched the record breaking Chris Evans Breakfast Show in 2010.

5. Rosario Pellechia

Rosario Pellechia, aka Ross, is the co-host with Tony Severo, of one of the most popular shows of the national Italian station Radio 105, called “105 Friends”. Every day, from 10 am to 1 pm, they talk about music, arts, show business, gossips, sex (Let’s talk about sex) or intriguing crime stories (CSI Milano). “105 Friends” has the highest time spent listening among all the Italian radio programs at this time of the day.

6. Norbert Grundei

Norbert Grundei is head of N-Joy Radio in Hamburg, Germany. He came to N-Joy, which is the youth channel of Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), as a freelancer in 1994. Three years later he was hired as a producer and programme host of the N-JOY Morning Show. He has been head of programming at N-JOY since 2002.

7. Ali A. Abhary

Ali A. Abhary is the Chief Executive Officer of Karnaval Media Group, a diversified new-media company in Turkey. Karnaval operates the country's largest radio broadcasting network as well as its leading digital social news publisher; a multi-channel network for original online video content and a "smart-radio" based subscription music service.